Early Century Wood

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  • Antique Painting Miniature Landscape On Panel Autumn Wood Framed Rare Old 20th
  • Antique Painting Oil On Canvas Couple Birds Nature Sign Frame Wood Rare Old 19th
  • Sidney Yates Johnson (fl. 1890-1926) Early 20th Century Oil, Through The Woods
  • Early 20th Century Ukrainian Symbolism Attr. To Novakovsky Alexey Nude Nymph Oil
  • Antique Painting Oil Panel Landscape Léon Duval-gozlan Wood Art Rare Old 19th
  • Antique Painting Virgin And Jesus Oil On Cardboard Frame Wood Icon Rare Old 20th
  • French Impressionism Bouquet Of Flowers In A Vase Oil Painting
  • 19th Century French Oil Impressionism Exposition Universelle Pavillon 1900 Paris
  • French Impressionism Oil Riverside Landscape Along The River Antique Painting
  • J. L. Barker Early 20th Century Watercolour, Shoreton Woods
  • 19th Century French Impressionism Bouquet Flowers Wading Birds Wood Panel
  • Early 20th Century Ornate Framed C. Andrew Matthews Last Of Summer Artwork 1920s
  • Fantastic Early 20 Century Painting Egrets 34 X 15
  • Antique Oil Painting Canvas World War Bombardment City Wood Frame Rare Old 20th
  • Russian School Early 20th Century Oil Woman Carrying Wood
  • Vintage Roses Oil Painting Sunday Art Creamy Chippy Wood Frame Early Mid Century
  • Antique Miniature Painting Wood Frame Woman Art Rinceau Gilt Decor Rare Old 18th