Early Century Wood


  • Early 20th Century Wooden Folk Art Hand Carved Fish
  • Early 20th Century, Antique Burmese Wooden Man Figurine
  • Antique Chinese Wooden Stools Mortise & Tenon Early 20th Century Pls. Look/read
  • Antique French Carry Wooden Painter Box, Early 20th Century
  • Ooak Antique Fairground Carousel Wooden Rocking Pig Germany 1910
  • Early 18th Century Royal Wooden Wardrobe Trunk, Come From Castle In Germany
  • Early 20th Century Indian Wooden Brass Mounted Kerala Nettur Putti Box
  • 174 Restoring An Early 20th Century Wooden Chair
  • Early 19th Century Wooden Decorative Georgian Refief Tray
  • Early Century Wooden School Desk, Great Condition
  • Early 20th Century Lobi Wooden Hornbill Divination Staff From Burkina Faso
  • Late 19th Or Early 20th Century Chinese Hand Carved Wooden Vase Stand
  • Antique Wooden Iron Winter Skis 71 By 3 Early 20th Century Wall Decor
  • Early 20th Century, Antique Burmese Wooden Rocking Doll With Stand
  • Early American Tools Building An 18th Century Wooden Level
  • Pair Of Antique Primitive 18th/ Early 19th Century Wooden Butter (bi#mk/180711)